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Interac Direct Payment (Point-of-Sale Debit)

Interac Direct Payment

Interac Direct Payment is an inexpensive, convenient alternative to using cash or cheques at retailers and businesses across Canada.

It's become the most popular payment method in Canada. And for good reason:

  • It's faster and usually less expensive than writing a cheque
  • It's safer than carrying large amounts of cash
  • You receive a transaction record every time you use it, so it provides an easy way to track spending
  • Many retailers offer additional cash back with your Interac Direct Payment purchase

To start enjoying it, simply use your RBC Royal Bank Client Card and PIN to purchase goods and services at locations displaying the Interac Direct Payment symbol. Also available for Flash-enabled Client Cards at merchants displaying the Interac Flash symbol.



Some Interac Direct Payment locations may charge a convenience fee and will post a message on the Interac Direct Payment screen when they do. Always read the screens carefully before you complete your transaction.

Note: Interac Flash is not available at non Flash-enabled terminals.

You can now use your RBC Royal Bank Client Card to make debit purchases at retailers in the U.S. with our Cross Border Debit Service.


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