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Interac and Plus ATM Networks

In Canada cash withdrawals can be made at ATM's displaying the Interac symbol using your RBC chip Client Card. You can access cash at any RBC Royal Bank® banking machine with an RBC Client Card or Temporary Client Card.

Outside Canada, your RBC chip Client Card provides you with quick access to cash and your accounts at any ATM displaying the PLUS System symbol throughout the U.S. and just about anywhere in the world. Visit Visa (opens new window) for more information, including their "ATM Locator (opens external website in new window)"

Interac And PLUS System ATM Fees

When you use your RBC Client Card at an RBC Royal Bank banking machine, you only pay the applicable service fees for the transaction you are performing. However, when you use another operator's ATM, additional fees (as outlined below) may apply, depending on your bank account or package with us.

Table caption
ATM Network RBC Royal Bank Fee
Interac $2.00
PLUS System (within USA) $3.00
PLUS System (outside Canada and USA) $5.00

Some ATM operators also apply a surcharge (or convenience fee) to use their banking machine. In Canada, all banking machine operators must notify you when they apply a convenience fee. The notice will appear on the screen before you complete your transaction, giving you the choice to proceed or not. This convenience fee is not an RBC Royal Bank fee. It is added directly to your withdrawal amount at the time of the withdrawal and goes directly to the ATM operator. RBC Royal Bank does not collect any portion of the convenience fee. For this reason, all clients who use these ATMs will be charged the convenience fee, regardless of the type of package or account they hold.

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