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Are you tired of organizing paper statements?

There's a better way to get organized without filling up those old filing cabinets.

You can choose to access your account documents, such as statements, as Adobe(1) Portable Document Format (PDF) files within Online Banking or the RBC Mobile(2) Banking app, versus receiving paper documents in the mail.

Electronic Statements, or eStatements, look the same as paper statements* and offer you even more value, convenience and security with benefits such as anytime/anywhere access and secure 7-year statement archiving(3).

View a sample of an eStatement PDF (opens new window)

Key Features and Benefits
Access eStatements anytime, anywhere View, print or save eStatements to your own computer or mobile phone
Access up to 7 years of archived eStatements(2) Includes the free viewing of cheque images less than 7 years
Protect your account data from mailbox theft Save paper and help protect the environment
Stay on top of your banking by setting up RBC Alerts to notify you by text, email or push notifications Keep up to date by setting an RBC Alert to notify you when a credit card statement is due for payment

How do I sign up?

Simply sign in to online banking and change your settings. It’s easy!

Expand How do I get a copy of my eStatements in the RBC Mobile app?

Expand How do I change my statement and notification options in the RBC Mobile app?


Already receiving eStatements?

Then there's nothing you need to do to start receiving eDocuments!


Not an RBC Royal Bank account holder?

Open an account and enrol in Online Banking or download the RBC Mobile Banking app to use this great service.


1. Electronic statements will not be presented in a consolidated format as each of your accounts will have its own eStatement.

2. RBC Mobile is operated by Royal Bank of Canada, RBC Direct Investing Inc. and RBC Dominion Securities Inc. RBC Online Banking is operated by Royal Bank of Canada.

3. If you were receiving paper statements, 7 years' worth of Electronic Statements will be archived from April 2006 forward. If you had selected the "No Statement" option on your account, the archive will begin as of June 25, 2006. If you converted from a bankbook, the archive will begin as of the conversion date.