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Payment Services

With an RBC Royal Bank® personal deposit account [or: banking account], you have access to a range of convenient payment options. Choose from the following to learn more:

Interac() Direct Payment

See why Interac Direct Payment is a convenient alternative to using cash or cheques at retailers and businesses across Canada.

Learn more about Interac Direct Payment


Interac and PLUS() ATM Networks

Understand the options for using your RBC Royal Bank Client Card at Interac ATMs in Canada and PLUS System ATMs in the U.S. and around the world.

Find out more about Interac ATM payment services


RBC Secure Cloud™ mobile payments service

RBC Secure Cloud is a highly secure feature that provides the flexibility to make Visa payWave purchases with just a wave of your smartphone.

Learn more about RBC Secure Cloud


RBC Virtual Visa() Debit

RBC Virtual Visa Debit is a smart way to pay for online, telephone or mail order purchases in the U.S. and internationally anywhere Visa is accepted(39) and in Canada, anywhere Visa Debit is accepted.

Explore the benefits of using Virtual Visa Debit


International Money Transfers

Use RBC Online Banking(28) to easily and securely send up to $2,500 Canadian dollars per day to family or friends in more than 120 countries. At just $13.50(29) for each International Money Transfer, it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to send money overseas.

Learn about the International Money Transfer service


Purchase Foreign Cash Online

Learn how to purchase it through RBC Online Banking and pick it up at a branch of your choice.

Learn more


Cross-Border Debit

Learn about using your RBC Royal Bank Client Card to make debit purchases in the U.S.

Learn about Cross-Border Debit


Pre-Authorized Direct Deposit

Learn about the benefits of having your paycheque automatically deposited into your account.

Make deposits on time with Pre-Authorized Direct Deposit


Online Bill Payments

Paying bills online with RBC Royal Bank® is a quick, convenient and secure way to pay bills whenever and wherever you need to.

Discover the benefits of paying bills online


Pre-Authorized Bill Payments/Transfers

Discover how quickly you can set up pre-authorized bill payments-including one-time and recurring payments.

Learn more about Pre-Authorized Bill Payments/Transfers


Multiple Bill Payment

See how you can save time and money when you pay up to 10 bills at a time online using our Pay Multiple Bills feature.

Learn more about paying multiple bills at one time


CRA My Payment

‘My Payment’ is the new, safe and convenient way to pay your taxes online on the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website.

Learn more about paying taxes online


RBC ebills

Paying your bills online couldn't be easier with the RBC ebills service. Receive and pay for your bills in one convenient location — RBC Online Banking.

Setting up an RBC ebills is as easy as 1-2-3! Find out how!



Find out how easy it is to commit to a regular savings plan with pre-authorized transfers and bill payments from your chequing account.

Learn how you can build your savings automatically


Third-Party Payment to another RBC Client

Learn how to take advantage of RBC's fast, and convenient online third-party payment service to deposit funds directly into the accounts of other RBC clients.

Take advantage of our online third-party payment service


Interac e-Transfer

Discover how you can transfer funds immediately to friends, family or business partners who have bank accounts at other Canadian financial institutions.

It's simple. It's fast. And it's secure! Interac e-Transfer!


Interac Online

Explore how you can shop online and pay for purchases through Online Banking-directly from your bank account.

Simple and secure online shopping with Interac Online


Bank Drafts

Learn about your options for requesting bank drafts from RBC


Outgoing and Incoming Wire Payments

Find information and fees associated with both outgoing and incoming wire payments.

Learn more about Outgoing and Incoming Wire Payment


Additional Services

Learn about our additional services including: Record-Keeping Options, Stop Payments and Safe Deposit Boxes.

View more additional services for RBC Royal Bank® account


Looking for information on another service?

Please talk to a specialist or contact your RBC Royal Bank branch.