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Set up Pre-Authorized Debits

Pre-authorized debits (PADs) are a convenient way of paying bills when these transactions occur on an ongoing basis and vary in value. Examples of frequent uses include mortgage and utility payments, RRSP contributions, insurance premiums and charitable donations.

You arrange to set up a PAD through an agreement that you establish directly with the biller you want to pay. This agreement (called a Payor’s PAD Agreement) may be made in writing or through electronic communication channels such as the telephone or Internet, subject to certain requirements. Once this agreement is in place, the biller will automatically issue PADs to withdraw money for payments from your account at RBC.

To initiate PADs, the biller will require your account number and the numeric codes that identify your financial institution and the specific branch where your account is held. You will be asked either to provide these details when you complete the Payor’s PAD Agreement, or to provide a blank cheque from which the biller can obtain this information. Be sure to write VOID in ink across the front of the cheque, and do not sign it. You should never provide the PIN or password for your account.

Holders of an RBC deposit account may obtain a void cheque through RBC Online Banking as follows:

  1. Sign In to Online Banking
  2. Under “My Services” click on “Account Services”
  3. Under “Account Services” click on “View and Print Void Cheque”
  4. Select the applicable account from the drop down menu
  5. Select "View and Print" (in some cases output pdf may be available)

At the bottom of the Void Cheque, three numbers will be displayed which are required by billers to setup PADs: Account Transit (5 Digits), Institution ID (3 Digits), and Account Number (7 Digits).

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