U.S. Personal Account®

U.S. Personal Account®

Monthly Fee: $2.00 U.S./month

For Frequent
U.S. Travelers

Travelling Stateside? U.S. Personal Banking gets you more greenbacks through optimal exchange rates.

Account Features What You Get
Access your account when you need it 6 debits/month47
Set your money free No minimum balance

Travel to the U.S. frequently?

This account lets you purchase U.S. dollars when exchange rates are most optimal. And you can make withdrawals at RBC Royal Bank® branches–in U.S. dollars—before leaving home.

U.S. Personal Account Details
Monthly Fee $2.00 U.S./month
Monthly Fee after MultiProduct Rebate®1 N/A
Monthly Fee after Senior’s Rebate2 N/A
Debits Included6 6 FREE/monthly + 1 free debit per automated payroll deposit
up to a maximum of 9 per Account, $1.00 each thereafter
Interac e-Transfer N/A
Overdraft Protection5 N/A
Non-RBC ATM Withdrawal3 N/A
RBC Signature No Limit Banking
Bank Drafts $7.50, plus applicable Debit Transaction fee
Credit Card Included N/A
Assisted and Self-Serve Transactions N/A
PLUS System Withdrawal at ATM Within Canada and U.S.45 Not Available
PLUS System Withdrawal at ATM Outside Canada and U.S.46 Not Available
Cross-Border Debit6,13,14 Not Available
Personalized Cheques Fees apply
Safe Deposit Box Regular fees apply

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