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RBC Virtual Visa Debit

Pay for online, telephone and mail order purchases worldwide—anywhere Visa or Visa Debit is accepted39.

Virtual Visa DebitRBC Virtual Visa Debit provides a new way to access your personal deposit account to pay for your online, telephone or mail order purchases. In addition to your RBC Royal Bank Client Card, which you can use at the ATM and at retailers and businesses across Canada, an RBC Virtual Visa Debit Number allows enhanced access to your account when shopping online, by telephone or by mail order. RBC Virtual Visa Debit also enables you to set up recurring bill payments without having to send your bank details or a void cheque.

RBC Virtual Visa Debit lets you shop online:

  • At any U.S. and international online retailers—anywhere Visa is accepted
  • At any Canadian online merchant where Visa Debit is accepted (over 15,000 online Canadian merchants (opens new window) already accept Visa Debit)

RBC Virtual Visa Debit also offers these additional features and benefits:

  • Security and protection. RBC Virtual Visa Debit helps make your online payments safer—RBC provides 24/7 fraud monitoring (opens new window) and Zero Liability which protects you against unauthorized transactions.
  • No annual fee. There is no annual fee to use your Virtual Visa Debit. In addition, RBC Virtual Visa Debit transactions do not count against your monthly debit transaction limit40.
  • Easy money management. It’s simple to manage your money when you shop with RBC Virtual Visa Debit since funds are debited from your RBC Royal Bank banking account at the time of payment41.

FAQs on RBC Virtual Visa Debit

How to Pay with RBC Virtual Visa Debit

When you are ready to make an online, mail order or telephone payment using RBC Virtual Visa Debit, simply:

  1. Choose “Visa” or, if available, “Visa Debit” as the payment option.
    Note: If you are shopping at a Canadian online merchant, it is a good idea to confirm that the merchant accepts Visa Debit payments prior to checkout. View the current list of Participating Canadian
    Online Merchants
    (opens external website in new window)
  2. Provide your RBC Virtual Visa Debit Number, including the expiry date and CVV2 (the 3-digit security code on the back of your Reference Card), as required.

    Virtual Visa Debit
  3. Provide your name and billing address as required.
  4. Obtain payment confirmation.
  5. Funds will be automatically debited from your RBC Royal Bank banking account at time of merchant authorization41.

Tip: You can also use your RBC Virtual Visa Debit Number to set up recurring pre-authorized bill payments with participating merchants. Simply provide the merchant with your Virtual Visa Debit Number and the payments will be debited automatically from your RBC Royal Bank banking account41.

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