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Let RBC Help You Create a More Secure Financial Future

The Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) allows eligible persons with disabilities and their families to save for the future and help create financial stability.

An RDSP creates a tax deferred growth structure similar to other registered saving plans (RESPs and RRSPs). In addition, the RDSP allows eligible individuals to receive matching Canada Disability Savings Grants (CDSGs) totaling up to $70,000, and the plan may be eligible for Canada Disability Savings Bonds (CDSBs) totaling up to $20,000.


Understanding Your Circumstances

RBC believes that this registered plan is more than just another savings and investment instrument. It reflects a much broader financial planning opportunity for individuals and families affected by a disability.

An advisor who is familiar with RDSPs can meet with you at an RBC branch during banking hours. You may prefer that an RBC advisor (opens new window) meet with you at your home or any other location suitable to your needs, at a time that is mutually convenient.


Creating a Plan that's Right for You

RBC advisors will first work to understand you and your family's unique circumstances and life goals. Based on those discussions, an RBC advisor will help you to:

  • explore if the RDSP is right for you or your family member
  • benefit from the RDSP
  • integrate an RDSP with your other registered and non–registered saving plans
  • establish an automated contribution process (RDSP-Matic™)
  • optimize the government grants and bonds paid to your plan

Our advisors will also work closely with you to help you explore the investment options which reflect your personal financial situation, time frame and desire for security.


Open an RDSP

An RBC advisor can show you how the Registered Disability Savings Plan may help provide long-term financial support for you or your loved one.

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