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General Questions:

Expand What is a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)?

Expand Who can open an RDSP?

Expand How do I open an RDSP?

Expand What investment options are available for RDSPs?

Expand What is the difference between an RDSP and an RESP?

Expand What is the Canada Disability Savings Grant?

Expand What is the Canada Disability Savings Bond?

Eligibility Questions:

Expand Who is permitted to be the beneficiary of an RDSP?

Expand Can the beneficiary and the plan holder be the same person?

Expand Can grandparents, other family members or friends open an RDSP?

Expand Can the plan holder be a parent even if the beneficiary is over the age of majority?

Expand Is there a minimum age for a beneficiary to qualify for an RDSP? Or is it simply the Disability Tax Credit that governs eligibility?

Expand Who can be plan holder for a qualifying "adult" beneficiary with reduced mental capacity?

Contribution Questions:

Expand Is there an annual contribution limit or can the full amount be contributed in one year?

Expand If a contribution is being made (with written consent) by a person other than the plan holder, can the RDSP–Matic™ payment be debited from the contributor's account directly?

Expand If parents had previously opened an RESP for a child and then later discovered the child was disabled, are they able to transfer the assets in kind from the RESP to the RDSP?

Expand Can investments be moved in-kind from an Investment Account to an RDSP?

Expand Will a client be able to transfer a non-registered GIC "in–kind" to the new RDSP in order to preserve the existing interest rate on the GIC?

Transfer / Withdrawal Questions:

Expand Are RDSP contributions taxable when they are withdrawn? What is taxable?

Grant / Bond Questions:

Expand What is the deadline for annual grants and bonds?

Expand What is the difference between the Grant and Bond payments that the government may provide?

Expand Is it correct that if the beneficiary is over age 49, they will not receive grant or bond monies?

Expand How much Canada Disability Savings Grant would a beneficiary receive if the plan holder contributed the lifetime maximum of $200,000 at one time?

Expand If the maximum lifetime limit of $200,000 is contributed right away, is the CDSG paid annually by the government calculated on the family income in future years?

Expand When calculating family income, what amount should be used?

Miscellaneous Questions:

Expand Does the RDSP have CDIC (Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation) coverage?

Expand Does an RDSP permit more than one plan holder?

Expand If a plan is opened by a parent for a minor who is able to handle their own affairs when they turn legal age, does the plan transfer into their name completely (i.e. the original plan holder's name is removed) at that time?


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