Get the Financing You Need so You can Focus on School

The Royal Credit Line® for Students in a Law or MBA program gives you the freedom to borrow what you need, when you need it, with a low interest rate and the longest grace period. Worry free financing has never been easier.

Top Reasons To Choose The Royal Credit Line For Students in a Law or MBA program

  • Competitive interest rates based on your program that won’t change after you graduate
  • Get 2 years after graduation before you have to start repaying the principal, with full access to your credit line during the grace period
  • Flexible credit limits that meet your borrowing needs depending on program, budget and qualifications*
  • Co-signor not required

Programs Included

  • EMBA
  • Law
  • MBA
  • MBA-JD Law
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To apply for the Royal Credit Line for Students you will need to provide:

  • An estimate of your education costs (including tuition, supplies, fees, accommodations, food, travel, etc.) Get started with our Student Budget Calculator.
  • A list of your financial resources (including RESPs, scholarships/bursaries, government funding, summer employment, etc.)
  • Proof that you are a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant

Note: Applications are subject to credit approval. If your credit history is limited, or you are studying at an educational institution outside of Canada, a co-signor may be required.

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