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Women Entrepreneurs (General)

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Network for Women Entrepreneurs (NWE) Ontario

WHAT IT IS: Launched as a result of a recommendation from the Prime Minister's Task Force on Women Entrepreneurs and administered by the Canada-Ontario Business Service Centre, NWE is Ontario's response to the federal government's commitment to support women entrepreneurs. It provides women entrepreneurs in the province with information on programs and services to start and grow their business as well as guidance in locating key community support services. NWE will work with existing organizations to tailor services where appropriate, organize events geared to women entrepreneurs and expand the network throughout Ontario.

WHAT YOU GET: Through its toll-free line and web portal, NWE provides access to key business information, business counselling and community outreach services, expert consultants and trade-related organizations throughout Ontario

INFORMATION: Toll Free: 1-888- 300-9308, e-mail:

Women's Entrepreneurial Center of Quebec (WECQ)

WHAT IT IS: A non-profit organization based in Montreal, and supported by Canada Economic Development (CED-DEC), that offers women entrepreneurs a range of services with the goal of providing women entrepreneurs throughout Quebec with a one-stop shop for activities and support services to start up or develop their enterprises and to help improve their survival rate and success. WECQ was launched early in 2005 in response to a recommendation from the Prime Minister's Task Force on Women Entrepreneurs.

WHAT YOU GET: Services include a bilingual web portal, diagnosis of entrepreneurial needs and channelling to appropriate advice and services, access to up-to-date information on existing programs and services, skills upgrading through training programs, seminars and workshops on business management, customized consultation and coaching and mentoring, which enable entrepreneurs to benefit from the invaluable support of veteran businesswomen, and networking activities.

INFO: Toll Free: 1-866-521-5733, e-mail

Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency Women in Business Initiative

WHAT IT IS: A government initiative designed to improve the growth and competitiveness of women-owned businesses in Atlantic Canada's emerging growth sectors.

WHAT YOU GET: Individual support to help you determine the information and services your business requires and to make contact with the individuals or organizations in your region that provide it.

INFORMATION: ACOA Toll-Free 1.800.561.7862, or visit

Western Economic Diversification Canada Women's Enterprise Initiative

WHAT IT IS: Business information and services specifically tailored to the needs of women in Western provinces and offered by non-profit groups - the Women's Enterprise Society of B.C., Alberta Women's Enterprise Initiative Association, Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan Inc. and Women's Enterprise Centre of Manitoba. WEI offices are located in Kelowna, Calgary, Saskatoon and Winnipeg, with satellite offices in Vancouver, Edmonton and Regina.

WHAT YOU GET: Access to a loan fund and advisory services, pathfinding to existing services plus a host of unique products and services.

INFORMATION: WD Toll-Free Number (accessible in Western Canada only) 1-888-338-WEST (9378) or visit


WHAT IT IS: A match-up software program for domestic and global networking, available on-line, that profiles, searches and matches companies and entrepreneurs with compatible objectives, interests and industries and connects business owners with potential suppliers and buyers.

WHAT YOU GET: The ability to post your company profile and instantly match it with appropriate organizations and individuals in your target area as well as information on how to use the software and help via e-mail and a 1-800 number.

COST: Based on amount of information you have in the Matchmaker's database plus number of users.


Women of Influence Luncheon Series

WHAT IT IS: A luncheon series that runs in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver featuring notable women achievers as guest speakers.

COST: Between $70 and $80, depending on speakers and locations.

INFO: The PowerPoint Group at 416-923-1688 or
1 800 354-3303 or visit

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