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Financial Solutions Designed for Medical and Dental Students

As a medical or dental student, finding the resources to pay for tuition and living costs requires careful planning. At Royal Bank of Canada, we understand your unique financial needs. That's why we have developed a customized banking solution for Canadian medical and dental students that can help see you through school and plan for your future as a medical or dental professional.

You are on: Paying for School

Paying for School

Get up to $275,0001 in funding with the Royal Credit Line® for Students — Medical/Dental Studies. You have flexible repayment options with interest-only payments until after graduation and residency.2

Benefits include:

  • You can have a credit line of up to $275,0001.
  • No annual service fee and there's nothing to repay if you don't use the credit line.
  • Get a competitive interest rate at Prime Rate (opens new window)3. Plus, your interest rate will not increase after graduation or residency.
  • Pay interest-only monthly payments for up to 24 months after graduation and residency4.
  • After graduation and residency we will set up a fixed payment schedule to help you repay your line of credit.
  • Access your account 24/7, online, on your smartphone, over the phone or at an ATM.

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You are on: Everyday Banking

Everyday Banking

While you're in school, the RBC Student Banking® account for Medical/Dental Students provides you with valuable savings on your banking needs, 24/7 access online, on the phone and at ATMs to your money, and helpful money management tools.

Benefits include:

  • No-monthly fee banking with unlimited transactions5.
  • 12 drafts per year6.
  • Free transfers between RBC Royal Bank accounts7.
  • Signature® RBC Rewards® Visa card with annual fee rebate of up to $39 a year8 off the annual fee.
  • Plus you have access to our free online money management tool – myFinanceTracker®, that lets you quickly track expenses, create a budget, and set financial goals. Learn more at
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You are on: Credit Cards and Car Loans

Credit Cards

RBC Credit Card

A credit card is a not only a convenient payment option for food, online purchases or unexpected expenses, but when used responsibly it can help you build up your credit rating, which can benefit you in the future.

The Signature® RBC Rewards® Visa card lets you earn RBC Rewards points while providing you with valuable benefits such as purchase protection should an item you've purchased with your card get damaged or lost within 90 days of purchase. Plus, students can receive a rebate of up to $39 a year off the annual fee8.

Benefits include:

  • Earn 1 RBC Rewards point for every dollar you charge to your credit card9.
  • Redeem your points for gift cards, merchandise, travel, RBC Financial Rewards and more10.
  • Receive valuable insurance protection including Travel Accident Group Insurance11, Auto Rental Collision/Loss Damage Insurance12, and Purchase Security and Extended Warranty Insurance13.
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RBC Car Loan

Whether you're commuting to school or heading home to visit family, many students will need a car to get around. To help make the cost of buying a car easier to manage, RBC Royal Bank® offers Medical and Dental students a 1% discount off the standard car loan rate14.

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Beyond Medical and Dental School

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