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Student Banking

Student Finances



Learning to budget your finances could well be one of the more valuable skills you acquire during your academic years. It becomes even more critical when you have limited funds to live on. If you haven't already prepared a budget for school, it isn't too late. Think of your budget as a master plan developed against specific goals which in turn reflect your values and priorities.

How to Get Started

First, take an inventory of your income and expenses - taking into account your costs for accommodation, utilities such as heat, telephone or cable, food and clothing, entertainment, tuition costs, transportation etc. You should also plan for a small amount that you set aside for unexpected emergencies. When you don't have an exact amount to work with, estimate on the high side. You can always go back and rework the figures later.

Use our Student Banking Budget Planner as a simple worksheet to help you start to manage your money wisely.

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