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Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)

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Grow Your Money Faster with a TFSA

Regardless of what you're saving for – a new car, an emergency fund, or a new home – you can use a TFSA to grow your savings faster by sheltering your investment earnings and withdrawals from tax.

Know the Basics

Use a TFSA to save for short- or long-term goals.

TFSA Calculator

RBC's TFSA-Matic® lets you make regular, automatic contributions to your TFSA. Try the TFSA calculator to see how fast your investment grows within a TFSA vs. a taxable account.

Get Started

TFSAs and You

Retired? Saving for a specific goal? A Tax-Free Savings Account could get you there faster.


Take Action


Investing $75 a week could go towards a down payment on your first home. Learn More.

Which goal are you saving for?