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Have a question about the Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)?

We've provided answers to the most common TFSA questions below. Don't see your question? Please call us at 1-800-463-3863.

General Questions

Expand 1. What is a TFSA?

Expand 2. What can a TFSA be used for?

Expand 3. Who is eligible for a TFSA?

Expand 4. How is a TFSA different from an RRSP?

Expand 5. What investment options are available for TFSAs?

Expand 6. Do I need to have a particular income level to take advantage of a TFSA?

Expand 7. Can I open a joint TFSA account?

Expand 8. Is the TFSA available to be opened in the name of a business, incorporated or not?

Expand 9. Will the TFSA have any impact on my government guaranteed income supplements?

Expand 10. Will a TFSA replace my other savings accounts?

Contribution Questions

Expand 11. How much am I allowed to contribute per year?

Expand 12. If I am earning no income, can I still make contributions to my TFSA?

Expand 13. If I am unable to contribute in a given year, will I be able to use my unused contribution room in a future year?

Expand 14. What happens if I over contribute for the year?

Expand 15. How will I know what my TFSA contribution room is for a given year?

Expand 16. Is there a lifetime contribution limit?

Expand 17. Can I contribute to my spouse or common-law spouse's TFSA?

Expand 18. If I give funds to my spouse to contribute to his or her TFSA, who will get the income, me or my spouse?

Withdrawal Questions

Expand 19. Can I withdraw the money I've contributed to my TFSA for any purpose or for specific circumstances?

Expand 20. How often can I withdraw from my TFSA?

Expand 21. Are withdrawals subject to income tax?

Expand 22. If I withdraw money from my TFSA, can I re-contribute this withdrawn amount later on in the tax year?

Additional Questions

Expand 23. If there is a breakdown of a marriage or common-law partnership, what will happen to my TFSA?

Expand 24. How are capital losses treated in a TFSA?

Expand 25. Can I transfer investments “in-kind” into an RBC TFSA?


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