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Travel Essentials

The Wide World of ATMs


Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are the fast, easy way to access your money while travelling. And the best part is that your cash is already converted to the local currency! No waiting in line, no calculating the conversion... just a few seconds and you're on your way. Here's what you need to know about using ATMs on your travels:

Where can I find ATMs?

Look for the PLUS* logo on ATMs outside Canada and Interac* at machines in Canada. Cirrus*-only banking machines are not accessible with your RBC Royal Bank Client Card. Your RBC Royal Bank Visa* card also allows you to get a cash advance wherever you see the Visa logo. You can find locations of bank machines in Canada by using our ATLAS. To locate Visa/PLUS ATMs all over the world, go to Visa's Web site and use the Visa ATM Locator.

Does it cost anything to use an ATM?

A fee applies to transactions made at the ATMs of other financial institutions both in and outside Canada, to process transactions through the Interac or international PLUS System network. As well, some foreign financial institutions may charge an extra fee for using their banking machines. The surcharge amount will be posted on the machine or displayed on screen before your transaction is completed. Please note: Depending on your RBC Royal Bank service package, the Interac fee may be waived.

Where does the money come from?

Certain ATMs outside Canada do not allow you to select the account. The RBC Royal Bank default is your primary Canadian chequing account. If funds are not available in this account, your primary savings account will be chosen. If there are no funds available here, your RBC Royal Bank Visa account will be accessed. This system ensures that you'll get money when you need it. Please note: At this time, you cannot access funds from your U.S. Personal Account through U.S. ATMs.

Are ATMs outside Canada easy to use?

Outside North America, some banking machines may not have instructions in English, or letters on the keyboard, and may not be open after business hours. To reduce the chance of having problems at foreign ATMs, it's strongly suggested that your Personal Identification Number (PIN) attached to your RBC Royal Bank Client Card be a four-digit number, as many financial institutions will only accept a 4-digit code. Memorize your PIN—never write it down. Your PIN may be changed at any RBC Royal Bank branch.

Should you experience problems with a foreign ATM, note the address of the ATM, the name of the financial institution, and the date and time of the attempted transaction. If you get a receipt, keep it, as it will have this information. Contact your branch when you get home and they'll investigate the situation for you.

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