SecurID* Token

General Information
The RSA SecurID* Token is a small device designed to help protect your account from fraudulent transactions. The device shows a unique, one-time sequence of numbers that changes every 60 seconds. No desktop software is required and no user maintenance or battery replacement is necessary.
Figure 1:  RSA Secure ID Token
Figure 1: RSA Secure ID Token
Approximate Size 1" by 2 "

A SecurID* Token has a 4-year life. The expiry date is located on the back of the device. RBC will issue a new token within three months of the expiry date.

Request a SecurID* Token
If your payments within one day will exceed $5000 you will need a SecurID* Token. The request may take up to 8 business days and you will be charged a one-time fee of $50.00.

Choose a branch near you
You may pick up your token at the branch of your choice. Once you receive your token, you may proceed to the "SecurID* Token - Activation" screen.

To protect your company's account from fraudulent activities, we are only able to release the SecurID* Token to the signing officer of the company.

SecurID* Token - Activation
Enter the number (PIN) now showing on the front of your SecurID* Token. The PIN will change every 60 seconds. The horizontal bars in the left-hand display panel represent the amount of time is remaining before the PIN changes. SecurID Token
Please take a few minutes to look at the SecurID* Token Pay Employees and Vendors Information Centre. All transactions will require you to enter your token PIN.

Lost/Damaged/Defective Tokens
  1. Contact us immediately at 1 800 769-2520.
  2. Go to the "SecurID* Token Replacement Form".
  3. Complete the form as instructed.
    1. For a lost or damaged token, email the form as directed.
    2. Defective tokens should be mailed along with the form to
        RBC Wellington Square
        Cash Management Operations
        Token Enrolment Department, Transit 06398
        180 Wellington Street West, 5th Floor
        Toronto, Ontario, Canada
        M5J 1J1
      For defective tokens, a replacement token will be sent free-of-charge within the 2-year warranty period.
SecurID Token