Competitive Banking Services Plus the Ability to Earn RBC Rewards Points

With RBC Group Advantage™, your employees will have access to exclusive offers that will earn valuable RBC Reward points when they open an eligible banking package, credit card or mortgage. By providing your employees with access to the right everyday banking solutions, they will have confidence in knowing their financial needs are being met. Plus, you'll be able to enhance your company's overall employee benefits package at no additional cost.

Your employees will benefit from RBC's market-leading financial solutions that will save them money and allow them to earn RBC Rewards® points worth up to $5251 in gift cards through exclusive offers.

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Advantages for Your Business

    No setup and administration fees

  • As the sponsor, there's nothing for you to do – we'll take care of all the details.

    No additional cost to you

  • Group banking services are already included in your RBC group benefits program.

    Attract and retain quality employees

  • A competitive banking plan is a just another benefit you can offer to help attract prospects and keep top performers.

Advantages for Your Employees

    Flexible choice

  • Employees can select bank accounts that match their personal needs and lifestyle.

    Exclusive offers

  • Employees earn valuable RBC Rewards points that are redeemable for a range of rewards such as gift cards, travel and brand name merchandise.

    Personal advice

  • One-on-one guidance can help them achieve financial goals.

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