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Managing the books eats up too much of my time
Managing my Cash Position

You have funds in your bank account, but are they available to pay your vendors or suppliers? Did all your customers pay you? The time between receiving money and making payments is crucial in making your cashflow work. With real-time information that takes the guesswork out of managing your cash position, you can get a lot more done, in a lot less time.
When you need to stay on top of accounts payable, detailed reporting changes everything. Get a view of your payables whenever you need it.

ACH Direct Deposits

ACH Direct Deposits lets you deposit funds directly into the accounts of your Canadian payees electronically, on time, every time.

So when you need to send regular payments to your suppliers or deposit payroll automatically, ACH Direct Deposits ensures your payment is cleared by the following business day. Detailed reporting breaks it all down for you. Less manual labour means more time to focus on other tasks.

Wire Payments

Wherever you do business, you can send and receive Wire Payments.

Transfer funds around the globe electronically and securely, without the need to visit the branch or make a phone call, in any foreign currency offered by RBC Royal Bank®. Detailed reporting and remittance information in RBC Express® will help you keep track of your payments.

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Why send multiple electronic payments, when you can easily send them all in a single file giving you more time to focus on more productive tasks?

Simply send us your instructions on how you want your funds dispersed and we take care of it. You control the timing of your payments so you’ll still be in control of your cashflow, and detailed reporting gives you everything you need to keep on top of payments.
Who’s paid and who still owes you? Take no chances. Detailed reporting takes the guesswork out of managing your receivables. Find out where you stand, quickly and easily. That’s the benefit of working with the full picture.

ACH Direct Payments

ACH Direct Payments lets you receive deposits from your Canadian or U.S. customers electronically.

So when you need to take regular payments from your customer, ACH Direct Payments ensures you receive their payment quickly and on time. Detailed reporting breaks it all down for you. Less manual labour means more time to focus on other tasks.

RBC Express® Incoming Wires Reporting

When it comes to being paid, real-time is the only time that matters.

Receive complete details of your incoming wires, so you know who paid you, for what services and when. Reconcile your accounts faster, as reports are provided when funds are credited to your account. Always know where you stand with your receivables.

Electronic Chargeback Reporting

Every time a cheque is returned unprocessed, it impacts your cashflow.

Automate the work-intensive process of dealing with these cheques. Take action on returned items sooner and have better control of your cashflow.

Corporate Creditor Bill Payment Service

Want to make it faster and easier for your customers to pay you? Have them pay you electronically.

Enrol your business as a corporate creditor and your customers can pay you through the bill payment functionality within online banking. Receive remittance information and funds on a daily basis.

Lockbox Receivables Service

Are you still manually processing your accounts receivable?

Free up your time and let us do the work for you by outsourcing the processing of business cheques and remittances. With our Lockbox Receivables Service, it’s fast, easy and secure
You don’t need to spend hours and days reconciling your banking information with your accounting processes. Electronically integrating your banking transactions with your accounting software will save you valuable time.

RBC Royal Bank® Pay & Sync

Already using QuickBooks Online for your bookkeeping? Now you can automatically synchronize your banking and accounting information with Pay & Sync.

Link to the Pay & Sync functionality through your RBC® Online Banking for business and set yourself up for quick and easy payment synchronization. No more double entry required.

Account Integration using Open Financial Exchange (OFX)

Integration of your accounting software and your banking information is now easy.

Eliminate re-keying, reduce errors and create detailed cash trails by uploading your transactional data directly into your accounting software using OFX file format. Contact us to get started.

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