Meet Your Contract Requirements and Assure Your Client of Your Ability to Perform

Successful bidders often require a performance guarantee for a percentage of the contract amount.

EDC provides an irrevocable and unconditional guarantee directly to RBC, covering 100% of the risk that comes with issuing a bank instrument, allowing you to meet the bonding requirements of current contracts and still take advantage of the next opportunity.

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Performance Security Guarantee (PSG)

100% Guaranteed

The Performance Security Guarantee covers 100% of your exposure, and is irrevocable and unconditional.

Covers Performance Risk

The guarantee includes coverage related to performance risk, such as performance, bid and advance payment bank instruments.

Direct Claims Process

In the event of a claim, RBC claims directly from EDC without being required to take any action against you.

Direct Partnership with RBC

EDC does not share in the collateral security RBC may have, but stands behind us as an unsecured lender.

Eligible Bank Instruments

Support Contractual, Financial or Regulatory Requirements

Guarantees include (but are not limited to):

  • Bid Guarantees
  • Performance Guarantees
  • Advance Payment Guarantees
  • Warranty Guarantees
  • Utility Guarantees
  • Licence & Permit Guarantees
  • Supplier Guarantees

Fee Details

Pricing is based on EDC’s assessment of the risks associated with a customer and the nature of the business that they are in.

Account-PSG fees are usually calculated using an EDC risk-based pricing grid and are expressed as a percentage rate, per month of coverage, applied against the value and duration of each bank instrument being supported.

The Fee is payable in advance for the full duration of the bank instrument prior to coverage becoming effective. Account-PSG fees are billed to RBC directly.

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