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An easier way to Request Money from your clients

Instantly send payment requests to your clients by simply using Interac e-Transfer4. You can provide a date to let clients know when the payment is due and you can include an invoice number to keep track of payments*.

  • Request up to $10,000 from each client/day
  • Access through RBC Online Banking for Business
  • It’s fast, safe and secure
Best For:
  • Businesses who want to track payments electronically
  • Companies who want to request money on-the-go
  • Clients who want to introduce electronic invoicing
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Instantly Receive Money - Autodeposit

Enjoy the convenience of having payments automatically deposited into your business account through Interac e-Transfer Autodeposit3.

  • Simply register your email address or Canadian mobile phone number along with the business account that you would like the e-transferred funds automatically deposited to
  • Instantly receive funds without having to log on and answer a security question
  • Receive email notifications of any auto e-transfer deposits
Best For:
  • Companies that want an easy and convenient way to receive electronic payments
  • Those who don't want to provide banking information to their payors
  • Those requiring fast and secure receivable options
Register Online for Interac e-Transfer Autodeposit:

Become a Payee Within Your Clients’ Online Banking

Get enrolled as a payee at RBC and other Financial Institutions, through the RBC Corporate Creditor Payment Service, so your clients can pay you through their online banking.

  • Your business name will appear on the list of acceptable payees for RBC and other Financial Institutions
  • Allows others to pay you through any Online Banking or ATM platform
  • Payments are directly deposited into your operating account
Best For:
  • Companies receiving recurring payments from a large number of customers
  • Those requiring remittance information and funds
  • Businesses with clients that bank at multiple locations
Ready to Become a Payee? Use RBCs Corporate Creditor Payment Service. Here’s How:

Contact your RBC Account Manager to learn more about Corporate Creditor Bill Payment Service.

Electronic Cheque Deposit Service

Deposit multiple cheques into your CAD or USD business accounts using Cheque-Pro® electronic cheque deposit service.

  • Deposit multiple cheques electronically from your office location(s)
  • Receive same-day credit for deposits made before 10pm ET
  • Submit unlimited deposits with up to 250 items per deposit
  • Receive payment information online, as well as digital images of your cheques
Watch the Video
Best For:
  • Companies depositing over 25 cheques per month
  • Those receiving customer payments in Canadian and U.S. funds by cheque
  • Businesses with locations depositing cheques across Canada
Ready to Use Electronic Cheque Deposits? Here’s How:

Contact your RBC Account Manager to learn more about Cheque-Pro.

Payment Solutions by Moneris

Accept debit and credit card payments in-store, online or on the go.

  • Customers can pay with tap, chip & PIN, Apple Pay2 and Google Pay5.
  • Payments will be deposited into your RBC business deposit account as soon as the next business day.1
Best For:
  • Businesses that want help boosting sales by making it more convenient for customers to pay.
  • Retail businesses that want to accept debit and credit card payments in-store.
  • Those looking for wireless terminals for even easier point-of-sale payments.
  • Online or mobile businesses needing digital payment solutions.
Ready to Explore Moneris Payment Solutions? Here’s How:
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Pre-Authorized Debit (ACH)

Automatically collect recurring, fixed or variable receivables from your customers electronically.

  • Accept receivables from Canadian and U.S. customers
  • Those looking to immediately identify insufficient fund payments
  • Don’t miss returned payments
Best For:
  • Companies with existing relationships with customers and payees (i.e. service fees, subscription fees, condo fees)
  • Immediately identifying insufficient fund payments
Ready to Use Pre-Authorized Debits? Here’s How:

Contact your RBC Account Manager to learn more about Pre-Authorized Debit

Receiving & Processing a High Volume of Paper Cheques

A PO Box system that amalgamates, collects, opens, processes and provides same-day access to payments and invoices.

  • Images all cheques and invoices received and extracts relevant remittance details
  • Deposits cheques with same day credit
  • Provides access via online or file transfer to both cheque and remittance details, with associated images
Watch the Video
Best For:
  • Mid-sized to large businesses looking to reduce time processing their high paper cheque/invoice volume
  • Businesses who receive paper payments from long distances
  • Same-day processing of mailed receivables
  • Businesses requiring comprehensive, customized remittance information, online access to digital images and faster valuation of deposits
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Pre-authorized Debit

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