Business Accounts

Whether you're just starting out or already running a successful business, having the right business account can make day-to-day banking easier and more cost-effective.

We can help you find the best package to meet your business transaction needs. We offer you greater choice with the below suite of products.

Business Accounts at a glance

Day to Day Banking Account
This is our most popular business transaction account, which is geared towards business clients with a variable number of monthly transactions.

RBC Day to Day Business AccountTM

 RBC Day to Day Business Account

This account is ideal for business clients who simply prefer to pay for transactions only as incurred. It is suited to start-up and growing businesses that typically have a variable number of monthly transactions. Monthly fees are applied and additional transactions are 'pay as you go'.

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Day to Day Savings Account
This account is designed for business owners who wish to operate a separate business account to accumulate savings.

RBC Business Savings AccountTM

RBC Day to Day Savings Business Account

This basic business savings account is ideal for business clients who prefer to separate their current/banking account from their business savings. It is suited to small businesses, start-ups and sole traders.

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This is a cost-effective account if you prefer to use self-serve, electronic channels for your daily business banking.

RBC E-Business Account™

RBC E-Business Account

An e-account with no monthly charge, which is specially designed for e-savvy business clients who prefer to bank through self-serve, electronic channels such as: Digital Banking (Online & Mobile Banking) and ATM*.

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*ATM services are only available to 'simple' legal entities such as sole traders.


Fixed Fee Plans
These three fixed fee packages offer a range of transactions for a flat monthly fee. The Business Essential accounts are ideal for businesses with predictable monthly transaction volumes that are within the limits specified by your chosen plan.

RBC Business EssentialsTM

RBC Business Essentials

An economical package which is specially designed for small businesses and micro-enterprises with low monthly transactions, which remain consistent.

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RBC Business Essentials-PlusTM

RBC Business Essentials-Plus

An ideal package for growing and medium-sized companies with predictable monthly transactions, which remain consistent.

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RBC Business Essentials-AdvancedTM

RBC Business Essentials-Advanced

A superior package for larger businesses and corporations with higher monthly transactions, which remain consistent.

Plus monthly fees are waived with a minimum daily balance of $1,000,000.

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Certificates of Deposit
These accounts allow business clients to save surplus funds for specified periods.

Certificate of Deposits (CD)

Certificate of Deposits (CD)

These interest bearing accounts are suitable for businesses interested in securely investing surplus funds for specified periods.

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International Business Corporation
Whether you are establishing holding companies, limited partnerships or sole ownership etc., RBC has the products, services and professional staff to guide you through the account opening process.

International Business Corporation (IBC)

International Business Corporation

These accounts allow businesses to transcend borders and are available in a wide range of world currencies ideal for international companies, special companies or tax exempt companies.

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How to open an account

Please contact your branch to discuss the accounts that best suit your unique business banking needs.


The Bahamas' Deposit Insurance Corporation (DIC) is a public corporation, established under the Protection of Depositors Act, 1999. The DIC is managed by The Central Bank of The Bahamas. Pursuant to section 4 of the Act, all licensed banking institutions, with Bahamian Dollar deposits, including RBC Royal Bank (Bahamas) Limited, must have membership with the DIC. The DIC insures Bahamian dollar deposits placed with a member institution in any of its branches in The Bahamas. Its primary objective is the protection and support for Bahamian Dollar depositors. The DIC seeks to minimize or eliminate the risk of loss of savings of Bahamian dollar denominated deposits. Each eligible deposit in a member institution is insured up to a maximum of B$50,000 per depositor. The DIC insures both principal and interest for eligible deposits up to a maximum of B$50,000. For more information please visit The Bahamas' Deposit Insurance Corporation's link:

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