Foreign Exchange Solutions

Deal in foreign currencies and reduce exchange rate risk.

The Sales and Trading Unit works closely with the Business Banking team to tailor innovative and attractive solutions to our clients’ foreign exchange exposures. We provide our clients with easy, efficient and affordable access to spot, forward and some hedging products in most major and minor currencies.

The presence of this specialized team allows for access to foreign exchange market information, competitive pricing and swift order execution.

RBC Royal Bank through its affiliates can help your business guard against currency fluctuations with solutions customised to suit the volume, size, timing, currency pairings and market sensitivity of your transactions.

Other ways you can transact your businessDetails
Spot and Forward Transactions Lock in your rate on the day you transact your business even if you are transacting with countries in different time zones.
Deposit, Chequing, CD's, Call deposits Keep your foreign currency earnings in foreign currency accounts.*
*Note: Exchange Control approval may be required.
FX-All major currencies Buy and sell all major foreign currencies at excellent rates.
Dual Currency Deposits Make deposits in a foreign currency at a fixed rate of interest and receive your principal and interest either in the currency of the initial deposit or in another agreed upon currency.
Sovereign and corporate bonds Receive trade ideas and purchase government or corporate bonds.
Interest Rates Swaps Protect from rising interest rates in any major (G7) currency.
Commodity Hedges Protect from increasing commodity prices eg. Oil.