Trade Solutions

Buy and sell overseas with confidence

The world could be your market if you have the right tools to mitigate risks, strengthen trade relationships and arrange secure payment terms. As access to markets improves, extending your reach to new territories or sourcing raw materials from cheaper sources becomes more attractive. However, the risk, cost, time, cash flow pressure and lack of information remain a concern.

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Safely, quickly and conveniently send/receive payments when trading.

Wire transfers

The transfer of foreign currencies via a commercial bank in the beneficiary's country.


  • Wire Transfer moves money quickly, securely, and cost effectively
  • Wire Transfer is the only way to transfer funds to achieve same-day availability without settlement risk because only available funds are transferred and/or received.

Foreign drafts

Foreign currency bank drafts can be purchased should you wish to effect the remittance of funds yourself.


The amount is already paid for in full before the draft is issued, ensuring its clearance and credibility

Cash Alternatives

Business Credit cards

RBC offers a variety of credit cards to suit your business needs. Choose the card that works best for you. Enjoy convenience, security and value to fit your lifestyle. For more on business credit cards click here.

Travellers cheques

Travellers cheques are accepted at thousands of locations worldwide and never expire. Feel secure knowing that if they're lost or stolen, American Express Travellers Cheques can usually be refunded within 24 hours.

  • Available in numerous international denominations.

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Risk Mitigation Instruments

RBC has a range of bonds, letters of credit and guarantees that will allow you to:

  • Reduce the risks of your international operations
  • Improve your cashflow management
  • Build a relationship with the beneficiary
  • Give your beneficiary assurance from a reputable financial institution
  • Continue to trade on open account terms

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As an exporter or importer, you may have concerns about conducting business and negotiating payment terms with unfamiliar foreign suppliers.

RBC can help your business manage these concerns by limiting your financil risk and helping to improve your cash flow.
RBC's trade experts can provide you with the advice and expertise necessary to use letters of credit to make your international purchasing process more efficient.

By using a letter of credit as an importer you can:

  • Conserve your company's cash flow by eliminating the need to make advance payments or deposits
  • Strengthen relationships by demonstrating your company's creditworthiness to suppliers
  • Support your suppliers' access to bank credit, since in many countries, letters of credit are pledged by exporters as security against working capital loans


By using a letter of credit as an exporter you can:

  • Ensure that you are paid - even if the buyer fails to pay, the bank that issued the export letter of credit is obliged to pay for your goods or services if your documents comply to the letter of credit
  • Provide greater security of payment if confirmed by RBC - this means that even if the buyer and the issuing bank refuse to pay, RBC will pay your company if your documents comply to the letter of credit