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Your Credit Card. Your Reward. Your Way.

These features come standard with your RBC Credit Card:

Bank with ease

With RBC Digital Banking, you can make payments and view the balances and transactions on your credit card — anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Enjoy additional benefits

Enhance your lifestyle with the convenience of discounts on car rentals, insurance services and much more. Special conditions apply.

Chip & PIN technology

The RBC Royal Bank Visa credit card features state-of-the-art Chip & Pin technology, thanks to the chip embedded in the card, providing significant protection against counterfeiting and fraud.

The added protection through the use of a PIN adds peace of mind if your card is ever lost or stolen. When you make a transaction at the chip-enabled terminal, you’re in control. Simply insert the card into the terminal and leave it there, follow the prompts and enter your PIN.

Contactless Capability

The new contactless feature included on the RBC Royal Bank Visa card is at no additional cost. It lets you pay for small purchases quickly and securely at locations that accept contactless transactions.

This feature uses chip technology to provide you with one of the most secure contactless payment systems in the marketplace. Your card never leaves your hand, so you’re always in control.

Zero Liability protection

Use your RBC Credit Card to shop anywhere and you are protected from unauthorized use. The Zero Liability policy eliminates consumer liability for fraudulent transactions.

Purchase/Price Protection*

Reimbursements for the price difference in the event that the same product (model and year) of the same manufacture is found at a lower price paid with the Visa card. Conditions apply.