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Stay informed and in control of your finances while banking digitally

With RBC Alerts & Notifications, you can now receive essential security alerts and payment notifications about your account activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

From August 20th, 2022, clients will now receive push notifications through email and/or SMS for security alerts when changes are made to their account information and certain types of payment notifications (optional). While RBC’s notification messages of an informational nature are sent to all clients, our new Alerts & Notifications feature is an enhanced security measure that helps to protect your accounts from unauthorized use.

Note: There will be no change to the alerts clients currently receive in their RBC Digital Banking apps (Mobile or Web).

Once you opt in to the new Alerts & Notifications feature, you will automatically receive security alerts whenever your information is changed, and it also allows you to flexibility to select the type of payment alerts you wish to receive.

At RBC, protecting our clients’ personal, business, and financial information and safeguarding you from fraud are our highest priorities. As a client, in order to maximize your own online security, it is crucial for you to always be informed. By entering your mobile number and/or email address, we can stay in touch with you and ensure the safety and confidentiality of your information and transactions.

Once you opt in to receive Alerts & Notifications, you will automatically receive email and/or SMS alerts if your password is changed, or if your email and/or mobile number has been modified or deleted. You can also opt in to receive the following four types of payment alerts:

  • Failed Payments – Payments that could not be completed for any reason.
  • Expired Payments* – A payment expires after a period of time (30 days) if not actioned/approved as part of a payment workflow.
  • Payments Awaiting Approval* – A payment that requires an Approver in a workflow to action it so that the transaction can move through the payment workflow.
  • Payments Rejected by Approver* – A transaction in a payment workflow that has been rejected by an Approver in the workflow and returned to the Creator of the payment.

These are just some of the initial benefits when you opt in to Alerts & Notifications, with many other enhancements coming soon, including: credit card transactions, ATM withdrawals, Point-of-Sale purchases, and much more!

Note: All Alerts & Notifications will be sent in real-time except Awaiting Approval, which will be sent once per day at 1 p.m. EST.

*Applicable to Business Clients who use the Approval Workflow feature.

To receive Alerts & Notifications, log into RBC Digital Banking and select “Manage Notifications” from Settings (if using your mobile device) or Services (if using a web browser). Enter a valid email and/or mobile number, and then verify your selection via clicking on the verification link in the email message you receive, or entering the code received via SMS. Once you have verified your contact information, you can select the Payment type alerts you wish to receive. View our tutorial here.

No, we will not charge a fee when you choose to receive alerts and it’s free for all Digital Banking clients; however you may be subject to SMS fees from your cellular carrier according to your mobile messaging plan.

You must be a Digital Banking client to opt in for Alerts & Notifications. RBC Digital Banking services has you covered for your everyday banking needs at home, at work, or on the go – bank anywhere, anytime, on any device. Getting started with RBC Digital Banking is easy. Learn more here.

Robust Security:

Online and Mobile Banking uses state-of-the-art encryption and never stores your personal or financial information on your device. Additionally, you are protected by the RBC Security Guarantee for Online and Mobile Banking. Read more.