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Make multiple payments directly to payees

Step 1:

Select RBC BusinessPay from the menu. 

Step 2:

Download a sample .CSV file. Upload a .CSV file by selecting the "Upload" button. Input the required information in the header.

Step 3:

Review the details of the .CSV file uploaded. Perform necesssary edits or delete rows as necessary. 

If preferred, direct data entry can also be used to enter multiple payments individually. We will help validate data as it is entered.

Step 4:

Save a copy of the edited .CSV file to your computer or device for future use. If you cancel before submission, we'll remind you to save the file. 

Step 5:

Verify payment details, and then click Submit. No edits can be made after the file is submitted.

Note: RBC BusinessPay transactions require approval from at least one approver.

Step 6 (if required):

Creators can track the status, cancel or view transactions under "Approvals and Processing" from the menu on your mobile device, or on the menu under "Payments - Approvals & Processing" if using a computer. 


Congratulations! You have successfully used RBC BusinessPay.


Robust Security:

Online and Mobile Banking uses state-of-the-art encryption and never stores your personal or financial information on your device. Additionally, you are protected by the RBC Security Guarantee for Online and Mobile Banking. Read more.