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Easily set up integrated soft tokens on your devices without contacting RBC.

Step 1:

On your non-Two-Factor protected device, enter Username and Password and select "Sign In."

Confirm your identity.

Step 2:

Select the protected device in which to generate the 8-digit security code.

From the Sign In screen on the Two-Factor protected device, tap “Two-Factor Identities”

Now, your top-secret secure info, so we know it's you!

Step 3:

Enter your 4-digit PIN, and select "Continue" to generate the 8-digit security code.

Verify the new device.

Step 4:

Enter the 8-digit security code into the non-Two-Factor protected device, and select "Continue."

Now, let's get personal.

Step 5:

Create and confirm your 4-digit PIN, and change your Two-Factor with a personalized name.


A second device has now been protected with Two-Factor Authentication security.

Robust Security:

Online and Mobile Banking uses state-of-the-art encryption and never stores your personal or financial information on your device. Additionally, you are protected by the RBC Security Guarantee for Online and Mobile Banking. Read more.