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At RBC Royal Bank®, we want to understand your unique needs at each stage of your journey and to offer you financial solutions and advice that address both your personal and business needs.

Download the RBC Healthcare Professionals brochure for more details here (PDF).


You’ve decided to pursue a degree in an accredited medical or dental profession and you may be thinking about ways to manage the expense of:

  • Tuition
  • School supplies
  • Travel & Transportation costs
  • Rent
  • Other expenses such as food, utilities and mobile

We’re here to help address your student needs and prepare you for what’s ahead with financial advice and solutions like personal loans* and credit cards**. Contact a Financial Solutions Specialist at one of our RBC Trinidad & Tobago Branches to learn more.

*Parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s) will be the borrower(s) on all personal loan applications
**Credit Card fees are waived in the first year.

Transitioning to Practice

As you transition from student and internship to a practicing doctor or dentist, we will continue to help you address your financial needs! Given the length of study combined with the expense of pursuing an education, we’ll help prepare you for career and financial success. At this stage of your career, you may be thinking:

  • I am ready to buy a home
  • I need to purchase a car
  • I would like to start my own practice now or in the near future
  • My patient schedule leaves me little time for banking
  • I need some advice on managing my student debt
  • I need to build an investment portfolio
  • An RBC Personal Line of Credit lets you enjoy immediate access to funds that cover a wide range of short and long term personal expenses including paying student debt.
  • RBCs Royal Bank Credit Card®.is a safe and convenient way to pay for purchases and can be an indispensable backup in emergency situations whether you’re home or abroad.

* Credit Card fees are waived in the first year.

  • Preferred pricing on Conventional Residential Mortgages, Investment Property, Land Purchase, Construction Lending, Bridge Loans and Switch Mortgages
  • Preferred auto financing rates for new and used cars
  • Flexible repayment terms

Introducing Private Banking. While we make financing easy, we do want to help you find ways to manage debt and grow wealth, delivering timely and proactive advice which takes into consideration:

  • Safety of principal
  • Return on investment
  • Access to cash when you need it

Contact an RBC Private Banker to learn more.

Headshot of Angelique Sund-Olton

Angelique Sund-Olton
Private Banker
(868) 702-9813
(868) 625-7288 Ext. 86102

Headshot of Rhonda Ramsundarsingh-Gopaul

Rhonda Ramsundarsingh-Gopaul
Private Banker
(868) 753-9288
(868) 625-7288 Ext. 32391

Headshot of Shyermarlene Singh

Shyermarlene Singh
Private Banker
(868) 688-2560
(868) 625-7288 Ext. 38123

Owning Your Own Practice

You may have decided to start your own practice. Congratulations! While you take care of your patients, we’ll continue to take care of you. As you get ready to start your practice, there are many considerations:

  • How to structure your practice?
  • Will you need the help of an Associate?
  • What payment options will you offer patients?
  • What payment options are available to you from your medical or dental suppliers?
  • Will you purchase or rent new office space or existing office space?
  • Will you purchase new equipment and furniture or should you buy used?

We’re here to help at each stage, from starting, growing and exiting your practice. You will have access to a dedicated Relationship Manager, Business Banking who understands your needs as a Health Care Professional and will take the time to listen to your plans and to provide holistic advice.

After we listen and learn, we will offer preferred terms and pricing on a range of possible solutions to meet your above needs including:

  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Commercial Equipment Term Loans
  • Working Capital and Commercial Overdrafts
  • Commercial Car Loans
  • Platinum Credit cards

* Credit Card fees are waived in the first year.

We know that cash flow is important to helping you efficiently manage the day to day operations of your practice. That’s why we’re ready to deliver advice on:

  • Point-of-Sale Payment: a fast, secure and cost effective way of receiving payment while increasing cash flow.
  • RBC Digital Banking for Business and Business Pay: delivers electronic payment options like transfers, bill payments, wires and automatic debit and credit payments, expediting cash directly into your account.
  • Automated Direct Credit: enables full payroll processing and deposit to employee accounts and Automated Direct Debit enabling you to collect any recurring, fixed or variable receivables where you have pre-authorized consent to automatically debit accounts at RBC or other local banks.

Contact an RBC Relationship Manager, Business Banking to learn more.

Headshot of Debra Glasgow

Debra Glasgow
Relationship Manager, Business Banking
(868) 685-9395

Headshot of Lisa-Marie Monsegue-John

Lisa-Marie Monsegue-John
Relationship Manager, Business Banking
(868) 685-9440

Headshot of Andreas Isaacs

Andreas Isaacs
Relationship Manager, Business Banking
(868) 771-4287

Continue with Private Banking where our service philosophy revolves around building trusted, personal relationships with each of our high value clients. Solutions and advice include:

  • Investment and Wealth Management Advisory Services
  • Preferred pricing on Conventional Residential Mortgages, Investment Property, Land Purchase, Construction Lending, Bridge Loans and Switch Mortgages
  • Lines of Credit, Overdrafts and Auto Loans
  • Deposit accounts and services for one monthly fee
  • Exclusive Black Platinum Credit Card

Note: Private Banking Centres are located in Trinidad & Tobago, Bahamas (Nassau and Albany), Barbados and Cayman Islands.

Maybe you’ve recently started practicing or started your own practice, and the thought of exiting your practice or retiring is distant. But it’s never too early to plan ahead and we want to ensure you have a sufficient and recurring stream of income or assets to fund retirement. This may also include starting a new venture someday. We also want you to have peace of mind in knowing that your family is taken care of as needs and circumstances change. As we build our relationship with you, your Private Banker will continue to introduce you to our Wealth Management and Estate Planning services to ensure your financial plan is complete.

From Student to Practice and beyond, we look forward to listening and learning about your evolving practice needs and plans, and recommending financial solutions and advice that’s right for you, your practice and your family.

Making Banking Convenient and Easy

With time always at a premium, just as you did when you started with us as a student, digital online, mobile and ATM banking remains an easy and convenient way to keep your patient schedule and still get banking done on time.

We offer you 24/7 access to your bank accounts through our Digital banking solutions, at no charge. Simply download the RBC Caribbean app on your phone.

  • View and monitor account balances and transaction history
  • Transfer funds between your accounts and to other banks
  • Pay bills electronically