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Why Sustainability Matters

The consequences of climate change are irreversible, devastating and costly. Despite our best intentions, Canada ranks among the highest per capita greenhouse gas (GHG) emitters in the world. By taking action today, we can:

  • Help curb the impact of climate change on our lives and livelihoods
  • Build more inclusive, sustainable and prosperous communities
  • Protect and conserve our valuable resources for future generations

How We Are Empowering Our Clients

Loans for Electric Vehicles

RBC offers access to financing solutions for your climate-friendly purchases. With the RBC Clean Energy Vehicle Program, you can save with dedicated rates available for select clean energy vehicles.

Energy Efficiency Savings

Through the RBC Energy Saver Loan, you can create a more energy-efficient living space while saving on borrowing costs for energy-efficient products and services for your home.

Invest in the future you want to see

RBC InvestEase offers a Responsible Investing Portfolio that lets you drive change by investing in companies that align with your values.

Make an impact with your investments

Promote sustainability as you invest

The RBC ESG Market-Linked GIC lets you participate in the returns of global companies committed to environmental, social and governance (ESG) values while your principal remains 100% protected.

Invest in ESG-conscious companies

What RBC is Doing

RBC is committed to using our size and scale to set new standards for our industry and do our part to help build a sustainable society, economy and future for all. We are advancing our purpose-driven approach by:

  • Helping our clients as they transition to net-zero emissions
  • Holding ourselves accountable by setting ambitious goals for ourselves, our clients and the companies we invest in, and sharing our progress
  • Advancing net-zero leadership in our own operations
  • Partnering, informing and inspiring Canada’s sustainable future to help accelerate the transition to net-zero

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The Vital Role of Cities in a Low Carbon World

If cities are going to thrive sustainably in the decades ahead, we have to rethink how we design them, how we build them, and how we live in them.

The Journey to Net Zero Must Be Global

Our current commitment is to reach Net Zero by 2050. But using existing technologies and know how will get us only two-thirds of the way to that goal.

How to Make a Positive Impact on the World with my Investments

As Canadians, we understand much more clearly how the choices we make today will shape the world we live in tomorrow.