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RBC Royal Bank considers customer security and privacy of your account information to be of utmost importance. To ensure your information is protected from unauthorized users, we have implemented the following security measures.

In order to access Credit Card Inquiry for the first time, you will be required to select an Identification Word. If you have not already selected your Identification Word (i.e. on your credit card application), simply call 1-800-769-2512 to establish the Identification Word you want to use for accessing your information. Please note that it should be a word that is easy to remember but not easily guessed. If you forget your Identification Word, call 1-800-769-2512.

We also recommend you use a browser with 128-bit encryption, one of the highest forms of encryption technology available today. To verify your browser's encryption is active, an icon, such as a lock or key, will be displayed in the corner of your browser's window.

Finally, here are some simple tips to ensure the security of your information:

  • Credit Card Inquiry lets credit card customers access their account information online through Credit Card Inquiry.
  • do not duplicate your Online Banking password (if applicable)
  • your Identification Word is not case sensitive, however, it is recommended to utilize upper and lower case letters where possible
  • change your Identification Word on a regular basis
  • always close your browser when you are finished using Credit Card Inquiry

For more detailed information regarding our security standards, please visit:

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