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Visa payWave* – How It Works

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Your RBC Royal Bank Visa* card includes an embedded chip which, when waved in front of a Visa payWave reader, passes the necessary payment details for the transaction wirelessly, using short-range radio waves.

There is no need to fumble with change, sign a receipt(1), or input your PIN for small purchases like coffee or a quick lunch. Simply "wave" or tap your card on the terminal, wait for the green lights and you're on your way. It's fast, convenient and very secure.

Using Visa payWave is as easy as 1-2-3 - Step 1 Look for this symbol.- Step 2 Wave or tap your card on the secure card reader. - Step 3 Wait for approval and you’re on your way.

If you don´t see the payWave symbol in-store, your card can still be used by swiping it or inserting it into the terminal, just like a regular Visa card.

Where to use

Visa payWave is currently accepted at a variety of gas stations, grocery stores, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, coffee shops and vending machines.

The list of stores and restaurants that accept Visa payWave is constantly growing. For the most up to date information, visit (opens external website in new window).


1) A signature or PIN may still be required in some instances.