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A Check In is a Conversation All About You

Whether you’re spending less on dining out, have a new work routine or a changing financial reality, life may look a little different today. With change, comes questions and opportunities, Check In with an RBC Advisor for guidance on important decisions and see how you can use MyAdvisor to stay on top of your money in real-time.

What You Can Expect from a Check In

Everyone’s experience is unique, but here’s our commitment to you:

Customer Service

Honest Guidance and Support

Get valuable input from an advisor on financial matters that are on your mind. A Check In is about you—not a one-size-fits-all conversation.


Financial Advice

Receive a review of your needs to make sure you have the banking, credit, investments and/or savings products that are right for you.


Insight into Your Finances

See how you can work towards your goals and manage your money in real-time with MyAdvisor at no additional cost.

Questions You Can Ask During a Check in

Here are a few examples of questions clients have asked—yours might be different.

  • Will an income change delay my retirement?
  • How can I make my money work harder for me?
  • What can I do to improve my cash flow?
  • We’re saving more by not going out—should we invest?
  • Should I use my credit card to cover a shortfall?
  • How do I pay my bills or deposit cheques online?

Checking In is Quick and Easy

Book a Check In today to talk through the questions you have or even request a quick walk-through of MyAdvisor. You’ll be able to choose an advisor and a time that’s convenient for you.

If you’re not an RBC client yet, we’d love to help you. Please call us at 1-800-769-2511.

If you are an existing client:

1) Not yet enrolled with RBC Online Banking? Enrol now.
2) Don’t have the RBC Mobile app2? Download it today.

Or text “RBC” to 722722 and we’ll send you the link.
Standard message rates may apply.

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