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The fast and secure way to receive money from the CRA

By setting up direct deposit from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), you can have funds deposited directly into your account.

Set up CRA Direct Deposit

Enrol once, receive CRA payments directly to your bank account

If you’ve already registered for CRA Direct Deposit, you don’t need to enrol gain. If you haven’t enroled yet, you only need to set it up once to receive payments from the CRA, such as:

  • Canada Emergency Response Benefit
  • Income tax refunds
  • GST/HST credit, and any similar provincial and territorial
  • Canada child benefit payments, and any similar provincial and territorial

For a complete list of applicable payments, please visit the CRA website.

Why should I opt for direct deposit?

  • Receiving money is fast: Your money will be deposited directly to your bank account — no waiting for cheques to be delivered in the mail.
  • Avoid delays: As the events surrounding COVID-19 may impact the postal service and because many RBC branches have temporarily reduced their hours or closed, choosing CRA Direct Deposit will help you receive your money faster.
  • Transactions are secure: Safeguarding your privacy is our top priority.

What you’ll need to register

You can register for CRA Direct Deposit as long as you have already filed at least one tax return in the past with the CRA.

To get started, you’ll need:
  • An RBC personal chequing account or savings account
  • Your Social Insurance Number

Set Up Your CRA Deposit Today

Get your money quickly and easily.

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