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We know that the connections between people are what make the difference. Many of our Newcomer Advisors are newcomers themselves.

Connect with a Newcomer Advisor today if you’ve already arrived in Canada and get help with:

  • Your banking needs
  • Engaging your new community
  • Introductions to partners that can help you get settled, and more.

Talk to an Advisor

We understand the stress points that come with being a newcomer. With care and compassion we offer specialized one-to-one advice and support to help you find your way in your new community once you have arrived in Canada.

Email us and let us know how we can help you today!
  • Where you are from and your preferred language
  • Your interests: opening a bank account, finding a job, help with Canadian credit, housing etc.
  • Please remember not to send us any personal information

An Advisor will email you back within 2 business days.

Meet Some of Our Team

RBC Newcomer Advisors are specially selected based on their experience, language skills and ability to support you.

Hyelnaya Wuranti

Hyelnaya Wuranti, Hamilton

Arrived in Canada: 2013

Speaks: English, Nigerian Pidgin, and some Hausa

“I love the feeling of connecting to someone and finding a common ground, based on cultural experiences and values.”

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Sara Geday

Sara Geday, Hamilton

Arrived in Canada: 2008

Speaks: English, Arabic, Tigringa, and some Amharic

“I understand the importance and struggles of assimilating to a new environment, and learning about the Canadian banking system, so, I am excited and proud to share my experiences with my fellow newcomers.”

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Alice Xie

Alice Xie, Québec

Arrived in Canada: 2013

Speaks: Mandarin, French, English

“I continue to share my story with all the newcomers whom I have met in order to provide inspiration and encouragement.”

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Liliane Saad, Atlantic provinces

Arrived in Canada: 2006

Speaks: English, Arabic

“Helping newcomers thrive and watching our community prosper is the most rewarding part of this role for me.”

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Tasnova Ridma, Ottawa

Arrived in Canada: 2012

Speaks: English, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu

“Having a trusted source for information, guidance and support makes all the difference for a Newcomer. And it is my and my team’s commitment to be that source for our Newcomer’s.”

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Shorouq Alkayyali, Mississauga

Arrived in Canada: 2001

Speaks: English, Arabic

“I am passionate in making a difference for newcomers settling in Canada and driving change in our communities!”

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Denys Smushko

Denys Smushko, Calgary

Arrived in Canada: 2013

Speaks: English, Ukrainian, Russian

“I take pride in bringing people together by creating an inclusive and welcoming environment.”

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Folake Okusanya

Folake Okusanya, Edmonton

Arrived in Canada: 2012

Speaks: English, Yoruba and some French

“I truly love and enjoy the fulfilment that comes from making a difference for newcomers”

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Alexandria Onyedika

Nazanin Akhavan-Khaleghi, Markham

Arrived in Canada: 2008

Speaks: English and Farsi

“Helping newcomers makes me feel rewarded, fulfilled and empowered.”

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Regis Augusto

Regis Augusto, Vancouver

Arrived in Canada: 2015

Speaks: English and Portuguese

“We’re here to help newcomers feel that they belong here.”

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Wanzi Silva

Wanzi Silva, Brampton

Arrived in Canada: 2017

Speaks: English and Sinhalese

“I understand the importance of the right resources at an early stage.”

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Mehulkumar Mochi, Winnipeg

Mehulkumar Mochi, Winnipeg

Arrived in Canada: 2010

Speaks: Hindi, Gujarati, and English

“As a newcomer myself, I am looking forward to helping newcomers make their settlement journey easier.”

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Victor Amadin, Saskatoon

Victor Amadin, Saskatoon

Arrived in Canada: 2018

Speaks: English, Bini and Yoruba

“I still remember when I landed in Saskatoon in 2018 with my spouse and 3 little kids. I love my role because it is giving me the opportunity to give back all I have learned as a newcomer.”

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Mohamed Saleh, Regina

Mohamed Saleh, Regina

Arrived in Canada: 2018

Speaks: Arabic and English

Newcomers helping newcomers is special. We can put ourselves in someone else’s shoes as they establish their new home in Canada.”

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