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Tailored Solutions and More…

  • Fee savings and Award-Winning Investment ManagementLegal Disclaimer1 with the RBC Investment Advantage Account Access to special GIC offers.
  • Pay no transfer feesLegal Disclaimer2 up to $5000, when you switch your investment assets to RBC.

Available to youLegal Disclaimer3, doctors in your network and your familyLegal Disclaimer4

Why Choose RBC Investment Advantage Account

As an account holder you can access award winning mutual fund families from RBC Global Asset Management. You can hold different types of accounts in the RBC Investment Advantage Account such as TFSA, RRSP, RESP, non-registered accounts etc.

You’re busy, that is why our authorized financial planners will help with both your investments and bigger financial picture tailored for Medical Professionals. We will meet with you at a branch, your home or office—whichever is convenient to you.

Saving you on fees is important to us. The Investment Advantage Account is unique, providing you the option to group assets with your family and doctors in your network for further fee reductions, while your financial details remain confidential.

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