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Achieve Your Goals without Breaking a Sweat

Whether your plan is to send your toddler to college or for you to take a tropical vacation, MyAdvisor is a unique digital service that makes saving for the future a lot easier with real-time visuals of your progress and much more.

Here’s How MyAdvisor Can Help You:

  • See All Your Money in One Spot—even accounts outside RBC2—under one log in. It’s a convenient and simple way to see everything you have, allowing you to better plan for your immediate and future savings goals.
  • Receive a Free Personalized Plan you can access or edit at any time. Life changes and your plan can, too. Plus, you’ll see how much you’ve saved and know how much more you need to reach your goal.
  • Get Started in Minutes—sign in to RBC Online Banking and answer a few questions. From there, you can see how you’re doing with powerful visuals and receive email notifications of your progress.
Get Advice When and Where You Want It

Ask a question, review your plan or bounce ideas off an RBC advisor over video, by phone or in person. There’s no obligation, just support.

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No matter how much you’re starting with, you can try MyAdvisor for free today.

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