A Convenient Way to Pay
A Really Easy Way to Make a Difference

Securely pay for online purchases directly from your RBC bank account. Every time you do, RBC donates a portion to WE charity, an organization that gives families in developing countries the tools to lift themselves out of poverty.

A Simple and Secure Way to Shop Online

Shop Online Using Money in Your Bank Account

You can use your card online at retailers like Amazon, Uber, iTunes, Netflix and more. And because this card is already linked to your account, it’s easy to request your card and start shopping online.

Freedom and Control

Enjoy another payment option, available at your fingertips. And because purchases using your card don’t count toward your monthly account transactions, you’re free to use it as much as you want.

Secure Spending

There’s peace of mind that comes when you’re spending within your means. Plus with 24/7 fraud controls and our Zero Liability Guarantee, the WE RBC Virtual Visa Debit is a secure way to pay, start to finish.

Create Change, Just By Using Your Card

RBC partners with WE to invest in youth and support the communities we live in here and abroad.

When you use the WE RBC Virtual Visa Debit, the resulting donations support WE Villages – an adaptive, effective five-pillar model working to create sustainable international development – helping to empower youth, break the cycle of poverty and transform communities.

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