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Which Electric Vehicle Rebates are Available in Quebec?

By Daina Goldfinger

Published July 8, 2024 • 5 Min Read

The electric vehicle (EV) market is growing in Quebec as the province continues to lead the pack in terms of the number of zero-emissions vehicles registered in 2023. A part of this is likely due to the available Quebec and federal electric vehicle rebates.

Quebec currently offers the highest EV incentives in Canada. Drivers have the option to stack provincial rebates with the country’s federal rebate, allowing up to $12,000 in savings on a new electric car.

What are Quebec’s electric vehicle rebates?

Quebec’s EV incentive program, officially called the Roulez vert Program, is open to all individuals who live in Quebec, as well as municipalities, businesses registered in Quebec and public bodies established in the province.

As of 2025, the province offers several incentives for those purchasing or leasing a new EV, with $7,000 available to individuals buying or leasing a fully electric or hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle. Those purchasing or leasing a new plug-in hybrid can receive between $2,500 to $5,000, whereas people purchasing a fully electric used car can receive $3,500.

When does Quebec’s EV rebate program end? 

While the provincial EV rebates provide some cost reprieve, drivers won’t have access to them for long. Quebec plans to reduce these incentives each year in 2025 and 2026, with the goal of phasing them out entirely by 2027.

Available rebates on at-home charging stations in Quebec

Those who own or take out a long-term lease on an EV are eligible to receive a $600 reimbursement for a home charging station. 

To qualify, drivers must have their charging station already installed and have paid at least $600 before taxes. The station must also be installed at a Quebec residence. 

Cars eligible under Quebec’s EV incentive program

Several types of vehicles are eligible for Quebec’s EV rebates, including new, fully electric, and hydrogen fuel-cell cars, plug-in hybrids, electric motorcycles and scooters and fully electric used vehicles. The full list of the 120 eligible models is available on the government’s website. 

Many factors determine a vehicle’s eligibility for Quebec’s rebate, including brand, model, and model year, meaning eligibility can change annually. Additionally, eligible vehicles must also have a battery capacity of at least eight kilowatt-hours (kWh), including rechargeable hybrids.

How can drivers claim Quebec’s EV incentive?

Once drivers select their new EV, they must ensure it’s registered in Quebec for the first time and hasn’t previously been registered outside the province. 

To obtain the rebate, drivers must register online. They can also visit their car dealer, who will complete the incentive program application during the transaction. Afterward, the dealer can deduct the rebate amount from the driver’s purchase or lease agreement. 

Which federal EV rebates are available to Quebec drivers?

Through its Incentives for Zero-Emission Vehicles (iZEV) program, the Canadian government offers up to $5,000 for those purchasing or leasing a new, light-duty EV.

Each vehicle that qualifies for the incentive is assigned an eligibility date, which can be viewed on the government’s website. The rebate is given on a first-come, first-serve basis until March 31, 2025. However, the government notes that the program may end before then if the funding is exhausted.

Which cars qualify for Canada’s iZEV program?

Canada’s EV rebate covers 225 eligible vehicles and is exclusively for new cars. To qualify for the program, drivers must be Canadian residents with cars leased or purchased from within the country.

Battery electric, hydrogen fuel-cell and long-range plug-in hybrids are eligible for up to $5,000, while shorter-range plug-in hybrids are eligible for up to $2,500. The incentive amount is applied toward purchases or leases of one year or more and is adjusted for leases under four years.

How is the federal EV rebate applied?

The federal incentive is applied at the point of sale. Before the rebate can appear on the driver’s purchase or lease agreement, the driver needs to complete consent and incentive forms. The dealership is required to calculate taxes and fees before the rebate is applied, and drivers shouldn’t be asked to make a deposit in order to receive the incentive.

Individuals are eligible to receive one incentive per year, while business and government fleets can get up to 10 per year, and car-sharing companies up to 50 per year.

Can Quebecers stack provincial and federal EV rebates? 

The good news is that Quebec residents can qualify for as much as $12,000 in rebates through both the provincial Roulez vert Program and the federal iZEV program in 2024.  

Public EV charging infrastructure in Quebec

While owning or leasing an EV has many benefits, the availability of charging infrastructure can be a challenge. Currently, there are over 9,200 public charging stations in Quebec

The province aims to multiply that number by 2030, targeting the installation of 116,700 total public charging stations.

Learn more about the cost to buy and own an EV in Quebec with the RBC Electric Car Cost Calculator.

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