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JUNE 21 @ 1PM

Wealth Building Strategies for Specialist Physicianslegal bug15

This session focuses on timely strategies that may be effective during each stage of owning a medical practice. Learn about strategies to consider when you're building and accumulating wealth, selling your practice and planning for retirement. We'll also look at strategies to help you transfer wealth to the next generation effectively.

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Key takeaways:

Learn how strategies such as tax deferral through a Medical Corporation, and income splitting may be right for you and your family. You will learn how to access excess cash in your medical corporation. Those considering selling their practice will learn the key considerations in preparation for the sale, and how to fund your retirement from the sale. Case studies will be presented throughout, illustrating the theories presented. The RBC team will also surface the most Frequently Asked Questions by Specialist Physicians.

The same event will be held in French on July 12, 2022. Click here for more details

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