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Help Protect Your Family’s Lifestyle

Your home is where your family will live and grow, today and tomorrow. By protecting your mortgage balance with HomeProtector Insurance, it can help cover your payments in the event of a critical illness, disability or death.

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The Protected Mortgage Difference

By having HomeProtector Insurance that's dedicated to your mortgage, any additional income, such as employer's benefits, may be preserved to take care of your family's other expenses.

Your mortgage fits neatly within your finances.

But what if you got sick or hurt and were suddenly unable to work?

A HomeProtector insured mortgage means your payments could be made for you.

Benefits at a Glance

For help protecting your family’s lifestyle, choose HomeProtector Insurance for your RBC Royal Bank mortgage.

  • Customizable: Choose life insurance only — or add critical illness or disability insurance for more comprehensive protection. See how it works
  • Affordable & Convenient: Premiums are locked in based on your age and mortgage balance when you apply and are added to your regular mortgage payments.
  • Easy to Apply: In most cases, acceptance is automatic. See eligibility requirements
  • Builds on Existing Coverage: Receive benefits on top of other coverage you may have, such as through your employer.

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  • Call 1-800-769-2523

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