Alert Terms and Conditions for Business Online Banking

This is a legal agreement governing Online Banking Alerts provided by Royal Bank to the Customer (defined below) that you represent.

By clicking “I Agree” below, you confirm that (i) you have the power and authority to enter this agreement on behalf of the Customer and to legally bind the Customer, in either case, acting alone, and (ii) you have read and understood this agreement, and that the Customer is bound by this agreement as of today’s date.

  1. Scope. Online Banking Alerts are governed by the Customer’s account agreement, these terms and conditions, and other applicable Service Materials.
  2. Definitions. For purposes of this Document, the following defined terms will be used:

    Customer” means the Person who is enrolled in, authorized for, or uses Online Banking, including the Person’s Representatives;
    Document” means any agreement, amendment, statement, disclosure, notice, request, consent, information, instruction, communication, Instrument, Service Materials, or other document, including any of the foregoing made, drawn, accessed, sent, received, accepted, endorsed, negotiated, signed, or processed verbally or in paper or electronic form through any Electronic Channel;
    Electronic Channel” means any telecommunication or electronic transmission method which may be used in connection with the Services, including any automated teller machine, computer, email, facsimile, Internet, mobile device, mobile phone, network, personal digital assistant, point-of-sale terminal, smart phone, SWIFT or SWIFT Network, telephone, wire transfer system, or wireless device;
    Instrument” means a bill of exchange (including a cheque), promissory note, security, chattel paper, other instruction or order for the payment of money given verbally or in paper or electronic form, clearing item, payment item, or other value item (including any automated clearing house payment, pre-authorized deposit or debit payment), including any image or reproduction of the foregoing. Any such item will be considered an Instrument whether or not that Customer is a party to it and whether it is in Canadian or another currency;
    OPS” means other products or services provided by Royal Bank or any other Person, other than the Services;
    Person” means an individual or natural person, partnership, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, corporation, limited liability corporation, unlimited liability company, joint stock company, trust, unincorporated association, joint venture or other entity or regulatory authority, and pronouns have a similar extended meaning;
    Representatives” mean directors, officers, employees, signing authorities, agents, contractors, subcontractors, service providers, consultants, internal or external auditors, legal or other professional advisors, or other Persons acting on a party’s behalf, including a Person specified in an Authorization Form and the Person’s delegates;
    Royal Bank” means Royal Bank of Canada;
    Security Devices” means a security device, including a card, token, code, password, identification number, certificate, test key and other security codes and devices;
    Service” means each of Royal Bank’s business products or services provided to or used by the Customer, including any account, credit, cash management, investment, or payment products or services. For greater certainty, Online Banking Alerts are Services; and
    Service Materials” means all hardware, software, equipment, information, or other Documents provided by Royal Bank for the Services, including all Security Devices, rules and manuals of operation, guides, training materials, reference materials, or other Documents applicable to the Services.

  3. Alerts. Royal Bank may alert the Customer about certain security or service activity relating to Online Banking and other Services and OPS, by notifying the Customer in the Alert Centre and/or using other Electronic Channels, including by email, text, or push notification to an Electronic Channel. The Customer may be able to select the type of service alerts they want to receive and the Electronic Channels they want used for certain alerts, subject to availability. The Customer may also be able to control alerts with settings in Electronic Channels, and may be required to adjust the settings in Electronic Channels in order to enable or disable certain alerts. The availability, type, timing, and delivery of alerts is in Royal Bank’s sole discretion, and Royal Bank does not guarantee the availability, type, timing, or delivery of alerts. Some alerts may require action by the Customer, including requiring the Customer to log-in to RBC Online Banking. Alerts are provided for convenience and information purposes only, and should not be relied on for any other purpose. Alerts sent by email, text message, push notification, or other unencrypted Electronic Channel, are not secure, reliable, private, or confidential. Alerts may not be available in locations outside of Canada.
  4. Fees. The Customer is responsible for all fees and charges incurred in connection with Online Banking Alerts, including any additional fees, charges, taxes, or other amounts payable to other Persons, including for messaging and data charges resulting from using Mobile Banking or other Electronic Channels in connection with Online Banking Alerts.