Q&A - Electronic Access Agreement Changes (effective August 23, 2012)

What changes have been made to the Electronic Access Agreement?
We have updated the Electronic Access Agreement to introduce new products, services and technology including:

What is V.me by Visa?
V.me by Visais a new payment tool that lets you make secure online purchases. This optional service is free and available to all RBC Royal Bank credit or Virtual Visa Debit Number holders.

V.me allows users to:

You can access V.me by Visa enrolment and sign-in through RBC Royal Bank Online Banking.  Visit the V.me by Visa site for more details.

What is Near Field Communications?
Near Field Communications (NFC) is technology that allows clients to make transactions with eligible cards or other enabled devices by simply touching or placing the card or device near a point of sale terminal. There is no need for swiping or inserting cards or entering PIN codes.

What are Mobile Payments?
Mobile Payments refers to the mobile payment feature available through RBC Mobile which allows you to debit or credit funds from eligible accounts using NFC enabled devices.

What is a Mobile Wallet?
Mobile Wallet refers to the new virtual wallet offered through RBC Mobile that allows you to provision and access any eligible Funding Source to make Mobile Payments.

What is a Funding Source?
With the arrival of new payment options such as Mobile Payments using the Mobile Wallet, we will now refer to any source of funds that we deem eligible as a payment source for transactions as a Funding Source. These include an:

As well, we will now refer to the information relating to these sources as Funding Source Information. This includes:

What do Alerts and Alerts Centre refer to?
Alerts is a service that you can select in your RBC Royal Bank Online Banking to receive email, text message or mobile app notifications about certain events or conditions (i.e. your credit card bill payment is due, when large transactions are made or when your account balance is low).  Alerts Centre is the name of the area in Online banking where you set up, manage and view your alerts.


What is RBC Tablet Edition?
RBC Tablet Edition refers to our latest mobile software that can be downloaded to an electronic tablet device. For a full list of devices that support RBC Tablet Edition, go to the RBC Mobile page.

If I accept the new agreement – what should I do?
If you consent to the new Electronic Access Agreement (EAA), simply sign in to RBC Royal Bank Online Banking as usual on or after August 23, 2012. No further action is necessary.

Standard message and data charges apply.