Part J: Account Preview Services – Terms and Conditions

If you turn on the Account Preview options in an App, you understand and agree that you’ll be able to automatically see the balances of the Accounts that you select without signing into the App with your Sign-In Credentials.

We provide the Account Preview options for convenience and information purposes only and there is no guarantee that the Account balances displayed through the Account Preview options are accurate, complete or current at all times.

If you let others use or see your Electronic Access Device, they’ll be able to see your applicable Account balances. You can turn off the Account Preview options at any time.

For certain Electronic Access Devices which you have paired to the Electronic Access Device on which you have installed the applicable App, you also have the option of turning on additional Account Preview features which allow you to view your applicable Account balances on the paired Electronic Access Device or select one of the applicable Accounts to view at a glance on the paired Electronic Access Device.