Part D: Document Presentment - Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction. The terms and conditions of Part D apply only when you enrol and use the Document Presentment Service.

  2. Enrolment. In addition to enrolling to use the Document Presentment Service, you must enrol separately with each Issuer ("Issuer Enrolment"). The Issuers are responsible for Issuer Enrolment even if we help with the Issuer Enrolment. You are responsible for maintaining your Issuer Enrolment with any Issuer. You must make sure that the information required by your Issuer to present Documents to you is accurate. You understand that you must cancel your Issuer Enrolment if (i) you no longer want to or cannot receive or view Documents from Issuers via the Document Presentment Service for whatever reason, including, if your use of the Document Presentment Service is suspended or terminated, or (ii) you want or need to have Documents delivered to you in a different manner. We will not cancel any Issuer Enrolment on your behalf. If you do not cancel such enrolment, an Issuer may continue to present Documents to you via the Document Presentment Service and not via any other channels.

  3. Refusal to Present Documents. We can refuse to present Documents through the Document Presentment Service at any time if (i) it may affect how the Document Presentment Service works, (ii) you breach this Agreement, (iii) the Documents are from a person who is not an Issuer, (iv) access to the Documents or Issuers has been blocked or the Documents or Issuers have been removed from the Document Presentment Service, or (v) the Document is provided in an unacceptable format.

  4. Receipt of Documents. You understand and agree that:
    (a) you must take all steps necessary to make sure that you can receive and view a Document (including maintaining your Issuer Enrolment and all information required by that Issuer to present Documents) even if you are receiving notification from us that Documents are being presented to you through the Document Presentment Service;
    (b) we do not have to notify you that a Document has been presented and is available for you to receive and view. Even if we agree to notify you, we may stop notifying you at any time with prior notice to you; and
    (c) you must access the Document Presentment Service to receive and view Documents presented to you via the Document Presentment Service on at least a monthly basis, and more frequently depending on the requirements of your Issuer, and we will not be responsible for notifying the Issuer if any Document has not been presented to you on time.

  5. Document Retention. You are responsible for keeping a record of activity using the Document Presentment Service and for retaining copies of all Documents. Issuers may retain copies for a maximum of 7 years.

  6. Questions/Complaints/Disputes. If you have a question or complaint with respect to a Document, you will contact the Issuer who presented the Document to you and not us, a Third Party Service Provider or Third Party. If you have a dispute with any Issuer, you will direct your claim and settle your dispute directly with that Issuer.