Part F: myFinanceTracker - Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction. The terms and conditions of Part F apply only after you activate and use the myFinanceTracker Service.

  2. myFinanceTracker Service Activation and Termination. You must click on the myFinanceTracker icon to activate the myFinanceTracker Service. Once activated, your Information will be provided to the myFinanceTracker Service on a daily basis and retained for 7 years. If you decide you no longer wish to use the myFinanceTracker Service generally, please notify us (a) through your Message Centre; or (b) by telephone at 1-800-769-2555.

  3. Financial App Activation and Termination. You activate a Financial App by choosing to add that Financial App to your myFinanceTracker Service from the list of available Financial Apps in the myFinanceTracker Service. Depending upon its purpose and capabilities, a Financial App may use your Information or Aggregation Information available in the myFinanceTracker Service as described above, along with any content you provide, in order to function as intended. If you decide you no longer wish to use a Financial App, you must delete that Financial App from your list of selected Financial Apps in the myFinanceTracker Service.