Part I: Loyalty Card Services – Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction. The terms and conditions of Part I apply only when you use the Loyalty Card Services.

  2. Loyalty Card Services.

    a) You authorize and direct RBC and any Third Party Service Provider of the Loyalty Card Service (for the purposes of this Part I, "we" or "us") to do, on your behalf, all things necessary to provide the Loyalty Card Services to you. This may include providing Loyalty Program Providers or their Loyalty Card processors with the applicable Loyalty Card Number so that we can access, retrieve and download relevant information about your Loyalty Card, such as the balance on your Loyalty Card, as well as complete any Loyalty Card Service that you request. You confirm to us you have the right to give us this authorization and direction.

  3. Using Loyalty Cards. You acknowledge and agree that the use of any Loyalty Card is subject to terms and conditions set by Loyalty Program Providers.  We do not own or control the terms, conditions and other details about Loyalty Cards. Loyalty Cards are provided on our Apps solely as a convenience to you, and we make no representations about, do not endorse, and are not responsible or liable for: (i) the terms, conditions and other details about Loyalty Cards; and (ii) the goods or services offered by Loyalty Program Providers. Certain Loyalty Program Providers allow you to use Loyalty Cards that you have loaded on to our Apps instead of the physical Loyalty Card. If you have questions or problems with your Loyalty Cards, or anything relating to the Loyalty Points offered by the Loyalty Program Provider, you agree to settle the problem directly with the Loyalty Program Provider. We are not responsible for the failure of any Loyalty Program Provider to honour a Loyalty Card for any reason, including the insolvency or bankruptcy of that Loyalty Program Provider. 

    Some Loyalty Program Providers may not offer Loyalty Cards, terms and conditions or notices in the language of your choice.  Loyalty Cards, Loyalty Points information and Loyalty Program Provider terms are provided by the Loyalty Program Providers at their discretion and questions should be directed to the Loyalty Program Providers.

  4. Digital Banking Security For clarity, Loyalty Cards and the balances on those Loyalty Cards are not Accounts within the meaning of this Agreement. This means that notwithstanding any provision of this Agreement, if an unauthorized transaction is conducted through Software that affects your Loyalty Cards and the balances on those Loyalty Cards, you will not be reimbursed for any resulting loss to your Loyalty Cards.