Part K: MyAdvisor – Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction. The terms and conditions of Part K only apply when you use the MyAdvisor Service. Where applicable, Park K should be read in conjunction with your Account Agreement with Royal Mutual Funds Inc. (the “RMFI Agreement”). If there is a conflict between Part K and the RMFI Agreement, Part K will apply to the extent necessary to resolve the conflict.

  2. Communication by email. Provision of an email address is a mandatory condition of the MyAdvisor Service, as email is the primary method of communication used by the MyAdvisor Service.

    You can set your MyAdvisor email preferences in your MyAdvisor profile. If you choose not to receive email communications, you will not be able to use the MyAdvisor Service and/or the MyAdvisor Service will not function properly.

    Your MyAdvisor email address will also be saved to your RBC profile. It is your responsibility to keep your email address up to date.

  3. Manual tracking of information. You acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for the timeliness, completeness and accuracy of any information that you manually provide in the MyAdvisor Service regarding funds held with Non-RBC Account Providers. You agree that services offered through MyAdvisor may be affected by this information and we are not responsible for any discrepancies in assessing your financial goals as a result of relying on this information. You further agree that Section 3 of Part K applies to any information manually provided by you regarding funds held with Non-RBC Account Providers.

    If you provide information to us or a Third Party Service Provider regarding your spouse, you are responsible for (i) providing correct and complete Content, (ii) ensuring that your spouse has consented to your providing and our use of that Content, including use by the Third Party Service Provider, and (iii) notifying us promptly of any changes to that Content.

  4. Access to Aggregation Information. If you use the Aggregations Service through the MyAdvisor Service, you acknowledge and agree that the Aggregation Information available for you to view in MyAdvisor will also be visible and accessible to any RMFI advisors that have access to your information displayed in MyAdvisor.

  5. Aggregation Service Activation and Termination. To use the Aggregation Service in MyAdvisor you must activate it through MyAdvisor. Once activated, your Information will be provided to the Aggregation Service and retained for 7 years. If you decide you no longer wish to use the Aggregation Service, please notify us by telephone at 1 866-769-2523 or you may terminate the collection of your Aggregation Information for any Aggregated Accounts by removing the Aggregated Accounts from display in the Aggregation Service at any time.