Add another RBC Royal Bank customer to my payee list

You can use Online Banking to make payments to other RBC Royal Bank clients.

To use this feature you must have entered your activation code.

Before making a payment to a RBC Royal Bank client, you will need to know the following information about them:

  • Account Number - account must be accessible at a bank machine
  • Branch Number
  • Name - exactly as it appears on their account statement or Client Card. Sometimes the name on a cheque may not match the exact name we have on file

To add another Royal Bank customer to your payee list:

  1. From the RBC Home page , select "Pay bills and transfer funds"
  2. Enter an amount that does not exceed your RBC Royal Bank client card daily limit
  3. Choose the account to debit. The account must be accessible at a bank machine. If your account is not accessible, visit your branch, call us 1 800 769-2511, or send us a secure email by clicking on the 'You have messages' or 'Go to message centre' link at the top of your Online Banking Home page.
  4. Select "Other RBC Royal Bank Customer" in the "To" box
  5. Click "Submit"
  6. Enter the customer's surname, first name, account number and branch number

  7. Select the "Add to Payee List" checkbox, to save the information for future use

  8. Click "Confirm"


Last modified: 11/03/2007 20:42:00