Create or update my payee list

Before you can pay a bill transfer funds to a third party you will need to create a payee list. Once created, you can add to, or update your payee list in Online Banking.

To register third party credit cards, you must have entered your activation code. You can add other payees at any time.

To create your list or add a new payee:

  1. From the RBC Home page, select "Pay Bills & Transfer Funds"
  2. Select "Create/Update Payee List"
  3. Select "Add New Payee"
  4. Enter the payee name or a keyword and choose "Search"
  5. Choose the payee from the list and choose "Continue"
    • If the payee is not in the list, try searching again using a variation of the company name
  6. Enter your payee account number and choose "Continue"

The new payee account will be added immediately to your Payee List and you can proceed with your payments.

The address of the payee shown in OLB may not match the address on your statement. If this is the case your payment is going to the payee's national rather than regional office.

Problems adding a payee

If you cannot enrol the payee through Online Banking, we can add a payee on your behalf. You can either:

  • Call 1 800 769-2511 or
  • By secure email - click on the 'You have messages' or 'Go to message centre' link at the top of your Online Banking Home page.

Update your payee list

At times, you may need to remove a payee or change your existing account number for a payee.

To update your payee list:

  1. From the RBC Home page, select "Pay bills & transfer funds"
  2. Select "Create or update payee list" from the right-hand side of the page
  3. Click the "Delete" link to the right of the creditor you wish to remove
  4. The system will then display the creditor information
  5. Complete the required changes to your account number
  6. Click "Confirm" to complete the process


Last modified: 11/03/2007 20:42:02